The Center on Violence and Recovery is dedicated to advancing knowledge on the causes of and responses to a wide range of violence, including abuse, terrorism, natural and manmade catastrophes, or other personal or community traumas.


The Center on Violence and Recovery was born out of founder Linda G. Mills' converging work...

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Linda G. Mills' Violent Partners reveiewed by R. Dianne Bartlow in the Summer 2008 edition of Ms. Magazine. Full Review.


Violent Partners discussed in Kathleen Parker's June 25th article "Politically Incorrect Domestic Violence." More.


Article inspired by Violent Partners written by Ally Fogg in the Guardian Newspaper. More.


Linda G. Mills' work discussed during a 2008 session of the British House of Lords; to review the Hansard record, click here.


Mills, founder of NYU's Center on Violence and Recovery, calls into question how the American legal system deals with domestic violence: mandatory arrest and prosecution, restraining orders and batterer intervention programs. This system, argues Mills, deprives women of choices and provides few options for couples who want to stop the abuse without ending the relationship... Continued.


Violent Partners is a different kind of survey of abuse: it shows how both partners often participate in the dynamics of abuse, and provides an 'out' for those who want to preserve relationships without that violence. Full Review.


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"Amazing – I found this book so profound, so spiritual. Yes, it is challenging shibboleths even abrasively so, and yet is also so eirenic. Read it and apply it."—Desmond M Tutu, Archbishop Emeritus

"In Violent Partners, Linda Mills continues to ask dangerous questions—about women’s propensity to violence; about the murky powers stirring partnership; about the ways in which the flaws and failures of the women’s movement's response may have unintentionally sustained some of our collective risk. In addition, she bravely confronts her own complicity in the violence that has shaped her life."—Adrian Nicole LeBlanc, author of Random Family


"Violent Partners engages the reader in a beautifully written text that is both deeply personal and connected to the latest empirical research...This is clearly the most important book on domestic violence to appear in the last decade."—Duncan Lindsey, Professor of Social Welfare, UCLA; Editor in Chief, Children and Youth Services Review


"Disturbingly lucid, pertinent and crucial, Violent Partners is written with an unprecedented honesty, and scrambles the master codes by which we have traditionally identified perpetrators and victims. Linda Mills provides the only reliable road map to transforming the pervasive pull of abuse in our society."—Avital Ronell, author of Crack Wars and The Telephone Book


"This is a thoughtful and well considered work dealing with the problems created by violent partners. It innovatively draws attention to what may be able to be achieved by adopting a restorative approach. It deserves careful attention."—Lord Harry Woolf of Barnes, formerly Lord Chief Justice of England and Wales


"Violent Partners proposes real-world solutions to one of the most serious social problems facing America."—Hon. Paul G. Cassell, former U.S. District Court Judge; Professor of Law and crime victims’ advocate at the S.J. Quinney College of Law at the University of Utah


"Tears flow as I absorb the gift of Linda Mills’s narrative and feel the possibilities of shifting our cultural addiction to violence."—Kay Pranis, Peacemaking Circle Trainer and Facilitator


"Linda Mills is courageous. She manages to wake you up and encourage you to think about abuse in a different way. She dares to confront our understandings of violence in ways that challenge everyone--the victim, the victimizer, the enabler, and even the counselor. A combination of guts, fury, truth, introspection, well chosen anecdotes, surprising insights and a tremendous commitment to political and social justice makes Violent Partners unique. It can be a tremendous catalyst for change."—Elizabeth Swados, author of My Depression


"Linda Mills draws on deep wells of personal experience to overturn accepted notions concerning intimate abuse. She explores provocative new understandings of the red hot topic of abuse between the sexes. Violent Partners is a must read for anyone interested in this vital subject."—Steven Englund, author of Man Slaughter, NYU Distinguished Professor, American University of Paris


"Mills has written a book that speaks to all concerned with intimate violence. Her proposals for change transcend the boundaries of the United States. Violent Partners compellingly shows that violence must be dealt with by way of reconstruction of community, engagement with the past lives of the victims and perpetrators and by focusing on the manner in which the past can become the source of energy for a transformed future….a wonderful exposition of the personal and the political."—Hon. Dennis Davis, Judge of the High Court, Cape Town, South Africa


"Linda Mills courageously challenges the conventional wisdoms around domestic violence and presents a new vision for ending the cycle of abuse."Heather Strang, Director, Centre for Restorative Justice, Australian National University


"Linda Mills is the indispensable guide to solving the problems of domestic violence. No one can enter the policy debate on these issues in an informed way without reading her eye-opening and rigorous analyses.”—Lawrence W. Sherman, Wolfson Professor of Criminology, Cambridge University

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Controversial, provocative, and accessible, Violent Partners is unlike any other book on abuse and relationships, and highlights in great detail the complexities of violence through the stories of men and women who have acknowledged their abuse and sought to do something about it.

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