The Center on Violence and Recovery is dedicated to advancing knowledge on the causes of and responses to a wide range of violence, including abuse, terrorism, natural and manmade catastrophes, or other personal or community traumas.


The Center on Violence and Recovery was born out of founder Linda G. Mills' converging work...

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Linda G. MillsLinda G. Mills, a native of Southern California, has been living, teaching and learning in New York City for the past 12 years. She is a professor of Social Work, Public Policy and Law at New York University, where she also serves as Senior Vice Provost for Undergraduates in the Global Network University and Executive Director of the Center on Violence and Recovery.


As both a lawyer and social worker, Mills has a unique set of problem-solving skills that allows her to pioneer interventions that cross disciplines and communities. Always looking for holistic, comprehensive solutions to complicated and dynamic social problems, Mills has created a rich story of healing and recovery.


Linda G. MillsAfter receiving her law degree from the University of California’s Hastings College of Law, Mills started The Hawkins Center of Law and Services for People with Disabilities. Since 1984, The Hawkins Center has helped more than 15,000 people cope with emotional and legal challenges related to their disabilities and has successfully represented more than 3,500 people on their Social Security disability claims. This advocacy work opened Mills’ eyes to the need for lawyers to understand the emotional aspects of their clients’ lives and the psychological dimensions of legal practice.


Linda G. MillsMills’ experience with clients at The Hawkins Center also inspired her to pursue a Masters of Social Work, which she obtained from San Francisco State University in 1986. She then went on to earn a PhD in Health Policy from Brandeis University in 1994, after which she was hired as an assistant professor at UCLA. There, Mills began to develop a pedagogical style of teaching across professional boundaries.


Linda G. MillsIn 1999, Mills joined the faculty at New York University, where most recently taught a joint course in the schools of Social Work and Law on intimate and family violence. Mills’ scholarship has encompassed race politics, child welfare, trauma and recovery, and intimate partner violence, and has policy implications that suggest new ways of thinking about and solving the critical social issues of our time. 

Controversial, provocative, and accessible, Violent Partners is unlike any other book on abuse and relationships, and highlights in great detail the complexities of violence through the stories of men and women who have acknowledged their abuse and sought to do something about it.

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